Our Mission

Free Eskinder Nega is an independent and non-partisan international campaign launched on December 18, 2020 calling on the international community to demand Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's regime to immediately and unconditionally release prisoner of conscience Eskinder Nega. 


Our Demands

Free Eskinder Nega Demands Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's Regime

  1. To immediately and unconditionally release Eskinder Nega and all other unjustly jailed political prisoners in Ethiopia.

  2. To respect the human rights of all Ethiopians.

  3. To open the political space in Ethiopia to allow for the freedoms of expression, press, and assembly.

  4. To hold a free, fair, and credible national election in Ethiopia.

  5. To organize a national truth and reconciliation commission forum so that all sectors of Ethiopian society can decide on a shared future for their country.