Free Eskinder Nega is an independent and non-partisan international campaign launched on December 18, 2020 calling on the international community to demand Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s regime to immediately and unconditionally release prisoner of conscience Eskinder Nega. 


How to take action with Free Eskinder Nega:

  1. Send pre-written emails to international organizations and U.S government agencies/departments.

  2. Contact your elected representatives in the U.S Senate and House of Representatives via email, letters, and phone calls.

  3. Advocate for our cause by encouraging your personal and professional networks to join our international campaign.

  4. Establish partnerships with prominent individuals, organizations, and other entities to build connections, support, and solidarity for our cause.

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Eskinder Nega

"It’s the age of democracy and I won’t stop, I will not be exiled and I will not give up. I have never doubted the work I am doing – defending human rights is the right thing to do and until there’s democracy, I will be there speaking out no matter the consequences."

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